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Lockdown, A.L.i.C.E. and Run, Hide Fight

Not all incidents are “active shooters." Recent news stories now include trucks ramming into crowds or cars driving onto the sidewalk as happened at The Ohio State University. Law Enforcement has now started calling these events “Active Threats” which include shootings, stabbings and vehicular assaults. Should you find yourself in an active threat situation, we recommend utilizing strategies as taught in A.L.i.C.E. and Run, Hide, Fight. Lockdown (the L in ALiCE) can still be a great starting point for securing in place until evacuation is available. Running may be the first choice in fleeing an area that is under threat. Hiding, or barricading yourself, into a secure location may be necessary for a short period of time. Countering (the C in ALiCE) or Fighting is the last resort option may be the only option left in your battle for survival.
Ontario Police participate in a Mock Crash Scenario at Richland County Fairgrounds.
The US Department of Homeland Security recommends being aware of your surroundings at all times and knowing at least two exits from every location. If you need to run, leave belongings behind and use an escape route if known. DHS recommends hiding in an area out of the “threat’s” view, barricade/lock doors, and silence cell phones. If fighting is the only option left, DHS encourages throwing objects at the threat and attempting to incapacitate the person. Call 911 when safe to do so. Also, try to be aware, the police will need a good witness.
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‘Officer Adam’ Gongwer, with Ontario, OH Police since 2003, is in his 9th year as SRO. He also currently serves as OSROA.org Secretary/Treasurer.
2016-2017 State Testing Dates
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Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)
Fall 2016 - October 24 - November 6
Spring 2017 - March 13 - 26

Ohio's State Tests in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Fall 2016 - Grade 3, English Language Arts, November 7 - 18
Spring 2017 - English Language Arts, March 13 - April 14
Math, Science, and Social Studies - April 3 - May 12
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