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A Great School in 8 Steps

The band is practicing, the stores are packed with school supplies and the teachers are hard at work getting their classrooms ready. It must be back to school time again. If you are new to Ontario we welcome you to our school family and if you have been with us for years it is great to have you back. We all share one common goal and that is to provide your children with the best education possible. We also all realize that raising children is probably the most difficult and important responsibility in our lives. As you prepare your child for another school year I wanted to share with you 8 common sense tips that will set a solid foundation for success.
1. Be a Role Model
As a parent, you're often the most influential teacher in your child's life. Let your child see you read and continue your personal learning. Students who see their parents as lifelong learners will benefit from your role modeling. Make sure your children see that you value learning.
2. Maintain Respect
Teach your children to always respect authority figures and model that respect. It is okay to disagree and not every teacher will be your “favorite” teacher, but you should always model the respect you want your children to show.
3. Resist Overscheduling
Music lessons, baseball practices, art classes, karate tournaments, soccer, dance... Many kids' schedules are so packed that they hardly have time to be a kid. While your child may love all of these after-school activities, and they're great for socializing you don't want your child to become overwhelmed. Children need down time and families need family time. Talk to your children about the different activities they participate in, what they really enjoy doing and what can be cut from the schedule.
4. Set up a Homework Routine
Homework is a big part of the school experience. Allow your students a quick break when they return home from school and then set up a consistent routine for completing homework. Your child’s teacher will be able to give you advice on what to expect nightly. If you see a change in the homework pattern ask the teacher about the change.
5. Encourage Meaningful Relationships
Try to help your child foster a few meaningful friendships. Avoid pressuring your child to be popular. A few close friends are more beneficial than a lot of superficial friends.
6. Show an Interest
Be an active participant in their education. This shows the value you put on their schoolwork and will lead to added pride. Celebrate your child’s educational accomplishments. Kids love to please and when they see their parents excited by their efforts they will be motivated to work hard.
7. Keep the Communication Going
Find a good method of communication with your child’s teacher and keep in touch. If something is bothering you, ask; don’t let little concerns fester into big concerns. Make an effort to share positive communication. If something is going well take the time to share good news with your child’s teacher.
8. Set the Tone
With early morning wake ups, it's easy for adults to start the day off on the wrong side of the bed. But if you're cranky in the morning, that attitude may transfer to your kids. It's not easy, but keeping your morning happy and relaxed will set your child up for a good day at school.
I wish you the very best this school year and encourage all of us to keep in mind these 8 common sense steps for a positive school year.

Mike Ream
Principal, Stingel Elementary
Help! My Baby is Going to School
-A survival guide for new school experiences-

You have changed 1,000 diapers. You have wiped 1,000 tears. You have given 1,000 good night kisses and now the first day of school is here. Sending your baby to school is a wonderful and terrifying experience all at once. As you prepare to send your child to school there are some important steps you can take to make their first day a positive experience.

The week before...
• Discuss plans for drop-off and pick-up in detail with your child. (If possible, do a "practice run" prior to the first day.)
• Plan a separation routine. If possible, include your child's teacher or carpool partner in the routine. Select a series of steps that you will take every day.
• Discuss any fears or questions your child might have. (What if I have to go to the bathroom? What if I forget where you are going to pick me up?)
The night before...
• Review a school-day routine with your child (bath time, bed time, wake time, schoolwork time, etc.) Try and keep a firm bedtime to ensure your child is well rested for the next school day.
• Help your child select their clothes for the first day. Make sure your child will be dressed appropriately for the weather and the school setting.
The first day...
• Wake up in plenty of time to prepare for school. You don't want your child to feel rushed on this day. The calmer and more relaxed the morning is, the more comfortable your child will feel with the situation.
• If your child likes breakfast, have them eat breakfast.
• Review the drop-off and pick-up procedures with your child.
• Leave your child promptly, with a positive attitude, after you have completed your planned separation routine. It is perfectly normal to have mixed emotions. Leave your child with a smile and then you can get the tears out on the way home.
• This is a day everyone looks forward to……..ENJOY IT!
At the end of the first day...
• Greet your child at the planned time and place. Ask your child specific questions about their day. If you simply ask, "How was your day?" the response will likely be "Okay." Instead, ask questions such as, "What was the best thing that happened today?" or "Tell me about some new friends you met today."

2016-2017 State Testing Dates
From the Ohio Dept. of Education Website

Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT)
Fall 2016 - October 24 - November 6
Spring 2017 - March 13 - 26

Ohio's State Tests in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Fall 2016 - Grade 3, English Language Arts, November 7 - 18
Spring 2017 - English Language Arts, March 13 - April 14
Math, Science, and Social Studies - April 3 - May 12
Preschool Registration:

Stingel Elementary is currently accepting preschool registrations.First priority is given to Ontario residents and children of staff members. Open enrollment students are also accepted into our preschool program based on availability. Tuition rates for the 2016-2017 school year are $135 a month for either the Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning or afternoon class and $190 a month for the Tuesday/Thursday extended day prekindergarten program.
Athletic Boosters Need Volunteers
Please consider making a donation to the Ontario Athletic Boosters.  See their website for more information. 
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