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  • Nov 25 - 30 - Thanksgiving Break - Staff
  • Dec 1 - 4 - Virtual Learning
  • Dec 7 - 18 - Resume in-person learning
  • Dec 21 - Jan 1 - Christmas Break
  • Jan 4 - 8 - Virtual Learning

Students Display the Warrior Way

Students Display the Warrior Way
OMS students did an outstanding job collecting money for the Richland County United Way. The charity fundraiser came to a close Friday, November 20 with students raising an amazing $1,894.21.  Seventh grade students finished with a total of $882.13 followed closely by the 8th grade with $728.95, and in third place were sixth graders with $274.81. For their successful efforts, seventh grade will be released first at the end of the day for the remainder of the year. The top three Warrior Time classes earning pizza parties were Mrs. Johnson’s with $368.00, Mrs. Stover’s with $187.00 and Miss Fulk’s at $97.00. This was a tremendous effort by staff and students at Ontario Middle School representing the Warrior Way.

OMS Principal, Mr. Keith Strickler

Mrs. Patterson & Miss Reichenbach's Thanksgiving Parade

After reading "Balloons over Broadway" and researching the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, students in Mrs. Patterson's and Miss Reichenbach's got to work creating balloons for the 1st Annual "Mrs. P and Miss R's Thanksgiving Day Parade"! Students created balloons of all sorts, including Minnie Mouse, a unicorn, and animals of all sorts - zebra, pig, cow, tiger. 

Warrior Way Students!

Plotting a Story

Seventh grade literature students have been practicing identifying a story's plot diagram. For their most recent story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," students worked in pairs to place the story's scrambled main events into the proper order. To add to the challenge, students were in a competition to see which group could finish first yet be accurate.

Bridge Weight for Fire Friday

Students in 6th grade social studies have a chance to earn a STEM day twice a month if they turn in all assignments and exhibit great citizenship according to the Warrior Way. This time students built a bridge using paper and tape. Which bridge could hold the most weight? 

Our Salute to Veterans

OMS Administrative Staff

Keith Strickler - Principal
John Boyd - Guidance Counselor
Jeanette Ohl - Secretary
Jennifer Zahn - Secretary/Aide
Librarian - Shanna Lehew
Athletic Director - Charles Ridenour
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator - Amy Nagel
Resource Officer - Scott Dawson
Phone - 419-529-5507
FAX - 419-747-6859

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