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Send Us Your Photos - - Harptoon Drawing

puzzle pieces The second weekly activity challenge for Ontario Middle Schoolers is to create a Harptoon. If you are not familiar with Harptoons, you can check them out on their website (https://www.harptoons.com/what-is-harptoons.html) and see that they are cartoon drawings created by Steve Harpster ( a fellow Buckeye).  If you go to the Harptoon video section (https://www.harptoons.com/drawing-videos.html) on his website, there are instructions on how to create your own version of a Harptoon. There are a lot of different topics to select, so have fun and see what you can doodle. Once your drawing is finished, send a photo with yourself and your drawing to Mrs. Johnson, and she will post online. Let’s see what you can create following the Harptoon method.

Jigsaw Challenge

Send us your photos!

Students demonstrate annotating vocabulary in poetry

Seventh grade literature students have been analyzing the poem "Casey at the Bat" and to do so, they were asked to annotate the poem's vocabulary this past week and then send a photo of their results to their teacher. As you can see from the above video, students did a great job identifying the various challenging words as well as providing definitions to the text. The next step will involve students locating the figurative language devices in the classic poem. 

8th Grade Math Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Stover’s 8th grade math students participated in six fast-paced scavenger hunts. Students could be seen scouting the Commons area in search of clues and participating in a fun chapter review.

Stem Activity

Students in 6th grade social studies have a chance to earn a STEM day twice a month if they turn in all assignments and exhibit great citizenship according to the Warrior Way. For this session, groups of students, under the direction of student teacher Miss Smith, were given a variety of supplies and asked to build a model of a well-known Chinese monument or statue. See if you recognize any.

Congratulations to the February Warrior Way Honorees!

Grades  6th thru 8 were well-represented with the February Warrior Way selections.  These students were chosen by their teachers for displaying the Warrior Way values of respect, responsibilty, integrity, self-discipline, and compassion. 

Presenting an Opinion

Eighth grade language arts students have been working on an Argumentative Project.  Each student chose a different topic to take a position on.  They had to research and find two sources to support their claim and one source to support  a counterclaim.  After writing an argumentative essay, each student created a Google Slideshow to present to the class.  Many students chose to survey their classmates to collect real world data to include in their presentations.  Included in this project the students had to create an advertisement trying to persuade their audience to come to their side.  The 8th graders have done an outstanding job arguing their positions!

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