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Thursday, Dec 7 - Early Release

Kindergarten Fun

Mrs Thompson’s kindergarten class turned history into a tasty adventure! Her students made butter, read “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving”, and then had a Friendsgiving of their own. They shared the same meal the characters had in the book (toast, pretzels, popcorn, and jelly beans) and even used their homemade butter for the toast!

Exploring New Genres Of Books

Ms. VanCura’s third-grade class joined Miss Allen’s class and rotated tables to explore different genres of books while enjoying a tasty snack. With every flip of a page, they enjoyed new adventures with their friends!

Mrs. Jolin's 3rd Grade Class

Thanks to a generous grandmother, Mrs. Jolin’s class received a donation of gourds and unleashed their creativity, decorating them with flair. Then, students worked on their descriptive writing skills describing their gourd (colors, textures, materials, size, and shape). The grand finale?  Everyone showed off their creations and spent time trying to guess which gourd belonged to which student!

Ms. VanCura's 3rd Grade Class

Who said time-traveling was impossible? Ms. VanCura’s third-grade class learned about timelines and how they can help us see the changes that happen over time. Students then created their timelines capturing important events of a family member’s life and presented them to the class. What a fun way to take a journey through time!

Mrs. Hale's Third Grade Class

Miss Hale's third-grade class worked on writing about Veterans Day and then created a Veteran to hold their thoughts on why we honor this important day. What a creative and thoughtful way to show respect for our brave service men and women!


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Kimberly Johnson - Principal
Stacy Crawford - Assistant Principal
Stacy Crawford - Preschool Director 
Lisa Barker - Secretary
Marilyn Kempf - Secretary
Diana Wendling - Secretary 
Keith Strickler - Superintendent
Tod Petit - School Counselor
Scott Dawson - Resource Officer
FAX - 419-747-6859


First Bell        8:40 am
Tardy Bell      8:50 am
Lunch 1/3     11:25 am
Lunch K/4     11:55 am
Lunch 2/5     12:25 pm 
1st Pick up    3:25 pm
2nd Pick up   3.40 pm
Bus Bell         3:50 pm

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