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Congratulations to the Stingel Preschool, who received a 5-star rating from Ohio's Step Up to Quality! Press Release


The Ontario Preschool Program uses the state of Ohio’s Early Content Standards as a guide for instruction. The program uses Creative Curriculum which aligns with the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards. The preschool provides an integrated early childhood setting in which children of various backgrounds and needs engage in developmentally appropriate activities and practices. Play serves as a vital learning activity. Self-esteem, socialization and appreciation of differences are valued outcomes.

Classrooms are divided into interest centers, such as art, dramatic play, block building, manipulatives, language, sensory, motor, etc. The materials and activities at each interest center are individualized by staff for the children. Activities alternate, and time is set aside for the children to meet as a group with the teacher for planned circle activities. Self-help activities are also addressed. Through play and self-initiated learning, the children refine the social/emotional, motor, thinking, and language skills necessary for success in school.


Do you have a preschooler ages 3-5? The Ontario Local School District has 4 sections of preschool classes at Stingel Elementary. Both classes will have students with special needs and typically developing peers. The classes meet Monday through Thursday. Each class has a maximum of eight children with special needs and a maximum of 16 typically developing peer role models. There is a teacher and assistant in each classroom.
Placement Priority:
Ontario Residents in the Following Order:
1) Resident special need students
2) Resident students who are returning preschool students
3) Dependent children of Ontario resident staff members
4) Resident 5-Year-old students not going to Kindergarten
5) Resident 4-year-old students
6) Resident 3-year-old students
      Tie breakers will be:
      1) Sibling of a registered preschool student
      2) Order of received registration
Non Residents:
7) Dependent Children of Non-Resident Ontario Staff Members
8) Open Enrollment Students

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