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Ontario Local Schools recently completed a review of our Science curriculum. We worked with a team of 9 Science teachers to review our current curriculum and identify areas where new resources could benefit our students. The result of the review process resulted in a recommendation to add some lab equipment as well as update or renew some of our textbook resources. If anyone would like additional information they can contact Mike Ream at 419-747-7161.

Ontario Schools Show Success on the State Report Card

The state of Ohio has recently released report cards for all schools in the state of Ohio. Overall, Ontario received high marks from the state of Ohio. There are always opportunities for growth and we will always strive to improve, but we are extremely proud of our students, staff members and parents for all of their efforts that went in to doing well on the recent report card.

      • On the most recent state report card Ontario Local Schools received an overall rating of a B
      • A rating of a B was the highest rating of any school district in our area
      • The state of Ohio’s overall letter grade is derived by the following measures: 
                  o 20% Achievement
                  o 20% Student Progress
                  o 15% Graduation Rate
                  o 15% Gap Closing
                  o 15% Improving at Risk K-3 Readers
                  o 15% Prepared for Success
How do we compare to other school districts?
      • Locally: Our rating was the highest rating that any school district in our area received. We were one of only two districts in our area to receive a B rating (Ontario and Lexington). 
      • Similar Schools: ODE identifies 20 “similar districts” for each school district. These determinations are based on enrollments, adjusted median gross income, percentage of economically disadvantaged students, percentage of adults in the community with a college degree, and percentage of racial minority enrollment. They provide you these similar districts so you can look and see how other schools across Ohio with “similar factors” are doing.
                  o Ontario’s B rating was the highest rating earned by any of the state identified similar districts. 
                  o Six out of the twenty similar schools received a B, twelve received a C and two received a D.
Rankings: Recently there have been some questions asked about if the state of Ohio “ranks” school districts from worst to first. The Ohio Department of Education does not keep an “overall ranking” of schools in the state of Ohio from “first to worst”. Rather, they only provide an overall composite score in the form of a letter grade, which in our case was a B.   Per law the Ohio Department of Education is required to keep a list/ranking of only 3 sub-categories; performance index, value added, and gifted. On these sub-scores our data was as follows: Performance Index- Top 28.6% in the state of Ohio, Value Added- Top 14.6% in the state of Ohio and Gifted-  Top 30.1% in the state of Ohio. 

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