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The past 12 months have shown us that technology is an invaluable tool for keeping people connected when they may otherwise not be able to. However, the same technology that can be used to maintain positive connections can also be a gateway to harmful or damaging interactions. As part of our continued commitment to care not only for our students academic wellbeing, but also their social and emotional wellbeing, we are pleased to share that we will be bringing back Jesse Weinberger to work with our students and provide a parent training this fall. Jesse is a nationally recognized speaker on internet safety and the author of The Boogeyman Exists: And He Is In Your Child's Back Pocket. Students will receive training on the dangers of social media platforms and safe internet practices. During the parent night Jesse will go in detail on the importance of parental involvement in helping to monitor and manage your child’s device access and usage. More information about this event will come out in the fall, but I would encourage parents to make this evening a priority.  

We are also excited to have Melissa McClain returning to Ontario Local Schools in the fall to provide professional development to our staff. Melissa is a highly regarded speaker, provided by Akron Children’s Hospital, with an expertise in helping children with trauma. This will be Melissa McClains second time working with the staff of Ontario Local Schools. This fall she will be working with our staff on strategies for establishing better relationships with students who have experienced trauma and ways to use restorative justice practices in the classroom environment. Trauma can occur in many forms and levels. Those events can include things such as car accidents, medical emergencies/death, natural disasters, interpersonal violence, abuse, financial crisis, homelessness, crime, or witnessing a loved one experience trauma. By better equipping our staff members to both understand and support students who may have experienced trauma we will be better able to meet the needs of all of our students.  

As we move past COVID-19 and look forward to what we hope will be a “return to normal” next school year we also realize that issues like trauma or internet/social media problems and predation are also unfortunately becoming more “normal occurrences” in today’s society. We realize that providing a great education has grown beyond just teaching core academic subject areas and now must also include ways to help our students and staff better navigate the challenges of today's world. We look forward to welcoming everyone back soon and providing the best possible well rounded educational experience we can to our students. 

District State Testing Windows


Fall 3rd Grade Reading Window: (5 consecutive School Days)

  • October 26th-November 1st

OELPA Testing Window

  • January 31st- March 25th 

Alternative Assessment for Students with Cognitive Disabilities

  • February 22nd- April 15th 

ELA Spring Test Window: (15 Consecutive School Days)

  • March 18th-April 7th

Math, Science, and Social Studies Spring Test Window: (15 Consecutive School Days)

  • April 18th- May 6th 

1st Grade-8th Grade I-Ready Reading and Math Diagnostic Windows 

Fall Window: August 18th-September 3rd 

Winter Window: December 6th-December 17th 

Spring Window: May 9th- May 20th 

2021-2022 High School Testing Schedule

High School ASVAB:

  • October 13

High School PSAT:

  • October 13

High School End-Of-Course Retakes:

  • December 6  - December 10

High School Semester Exams:

  • December 16 - Odds 

  • December 17 - Evens

High School ACT:

  • March 15 (Juniors)

High School End-Of- Course:

  • March 28th  - ELA II (Regular Bell Schedule)

  • April 22 - Biology (2-hr Delay Bell Schedule)

  • April 26th  - American History & Government (2-hr Delay Bell Schedule)

  • April 28th - Algebra I & Geometry (2-hr Delay Bell Schedule)

HIgh School AP Exams:

  • May 2 - US Government

  • May 3 - Calculus

  • May 4- Literature & Composition

High School Senior Exams:

  • May 18 - Evens

  • May 19 - Odds

  • May 20 - Make-Ups

High School Underclass Exams:

  • May 24 - Odds

  • May 25 - Evens

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