Ontario Local Schools


Make sure your child is able to do the following:

  • Putting on and zipping a coat and bookbag

  • Putting backpack on a hook without assistance

  • Able to count to 10

  • Able to recognize 13 letters

  • Able to recognize colors and shapes

  • Able to share and cooperate with a same age peer

  • Able to open items in their packed lunch

  • Able to recognize their name in print

Tips for Helping Your Child Transition from Home to School

  • Give your child opportunities to leave you and spend fun times with other adults and children.

  • Talk about school in positive ways.

  • Give your child opportunities to play with items like scissors, crayons, pencils, markers, paint and paper.

  • Read books to your child and talk about the pictures and the story.

  • Encourage your child’s independence by letting him follow simple directions and by letting him do tasks on his own.

  • Take your child to visit the school. Playing on the playground, touring the building, and finding the bathrooms are helpful activities at this time.

  • Ask your child what she thinks school will be like. You may learn that your child understands what to expect, or you may find that she has unrealistic fears or misunderstandings. Listen and talk about school.

  • Visit the bus stop or walk the route to school.

  • Expect your child’s transition to be successful. Remember the adjustment will take time.

  • Your positive outlook can help your child; let him know you are confident in his ability to do well.

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