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Stingel is a school wide Title I building. This does not mean every student receives Title I services. Every student does receive the benefit of teacher training in literacy that directly impact the education of every student in the curriculum. The Title team provides services to every teacher/student in the area of formative and summative assessments. The displayed slides are suggestions to help your reader and are part of the Compact (agreement) parents and teachers helped author at Stingel. If you have a suggestion for an addition to this Compact, please contact the title team. Title I teachers can be reached at their email: last name. first name @ontarioschools.org

What is Title 1 Reading?
The Title I is a federally funded program that provides for struggling readers in elementary and secondary schools. This service is in addition to what the classroom teacher provides in the classroom. It is not special education. Stingel uses the LLI system developed by Fountas and Pinnell to service struggling readers in this type of intervention. We do not simply remediate, but intervene with explicit instruction at your child's level in a student to teacher ratio of 1:3. Our goal is to assist students to higher levels of literacy and to aquire a strong skill set for reading. We aim to make this a positive experience for your child.

Our title I teachers are highly qualified and experienced. The literacy team at Stingel are reading specialists that have been trained to provide supplemental reading instruction.

Each lesson builds on the previous one and is tailored to meet your child's instructional needs. We use continual assessment to ensure all children are learning and gaining more independence in reading.
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How are students selected to particpate in a cycle of Title 1 reading?

All students are administered a developmental assessment which measures decoding, fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and writing. An instructional level is determined and the students that demonstrate the most need from each classroom are recommended.

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How long will your child remain in Title 1?

Students usually progress through a cycle of LLI materials within 18-21 weeks. Some students are released sooner based on faster progress so another student can participate. Occasionally, a student will be recommended to the intervention assistance team if he/she doesn't progress in Title I or in the classroom. The classroom teacher would make contact with you as the parent to inform you of our concerns and to discuss the IAT process.
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How often will my child meet with the Title 1 teacher?

Students go for a block of 30 minutes with the intervention teacher three-five days a week depending on the grade level.  We also service students inclusively in kindergarten to support letter/sound instruction. Both of these instructional modes are beneficial for the struggling reader.
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Will  my child feel "labeled" if they are pulled out of the classroom for Title 1?

Most students are very excited to go with the Title 1 teacher and fellow classmates. The students all participate in small groups and are enjoy working in quiet areas in the class, hall or Title 1 classroom.
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Can I decline services for my child?

Yes, you are welcome to tell your child’s classroom teacher you would like to decline services.

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Title 1 Staff:

Mrs. Jennifer Jarvis
Mrs. Beth Mulherin
Mrs. Cheryl Washington
Mrs. Susie Kurtzman
Mrs. Natalie Stevens
Mrs. Brooke Breitinger 

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