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Stingel Elementary

Preschool News
Mrs. Brinegar’s morning preschool class learned about the five senses by tasting gingerbread cookies. Then we graphed where each student took their first bite!!
Miss Ingle's class is working on counting objects using one-to-one correspondence while playing a fine motor Christmas game. We used tongs to pick up shiny pom poms and put them on the Christmas tree to match the number of ornaments on the paper. 
Kindergarten and Fourth Grade News
4th grade students in Ms. Winningham's room and kindergarteners in Mrs. Blount's class like to meet each week for about 20 minutes. This week Mrs. Blount's students brought their books to read to Ms. Winningham's students. Students are beginning to form bonds and are enjoying their weekly buddy time. 
Mrs. Winningham's 4th grade class made holiday trees for family and friends.  
Fifth Grade News 
In partnership with The Cove, Mrs. Jolin's students wrote positive messages on coffee sleeves for random people to get next time they visit The Cove. 

Box Tops for Education

Look for the "Box Tops for Education" official coupon on numerous products. Please cut on the dotted line and bag in groups of 50 to send it to school. Box Top money will be used to purchase supplies for our classrooms. 

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Kimberly Johnson - Principal
Mike Ream - Director of Education
Stacy Crawford - Preschool Director 
Lisa Barker - Secretary
Marilyn Kempf - Secretary
Diana Wendling - Secretary/Aide 
Lola Cline - Secretary
Tod Petit - School Counselor
FAX - 419-747-6859


First Bell        8:40 am
Tardy Bell      8:50 am
Lunch 1/4     11:25 am
Lunch K/3     11:55 am
Lunch 2/5     12:25 pm 
Pick up Bell   3:40 pm
Bus Bell         3:50 pm

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