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Stingel Elementary Art Show 
Stingel Primary School in Ontario will host its annual Art Show Open House Thursday, April 12th from 4:00-6:30 pm.  The show will be held in the Stingel school building hallways for the next few weeks and will be a colorful display of work that the students have done throughout the 2017-2018 school year.
Mrs. Mary Roby’s all-day Kindergarten- 5th grade art classes have been studying a variety of different artwork throughout the school year.  The third, fourth, and fifth grades have studied topics such as color theory, still-life painting, printmaking, altered digital photography, and animal drawing, as well as an in depth study of paper mache mask making which are currently under way.  In the 3-5 grade hallways you will find digital self-portraits in a Pop Art style, Georgia O’Keefe landscapes, animal drawings as well as beautiful floral and insect paintings. The primary grades K-2 have concentrated on nature themes as well as studying the elements of design such as line, shape, and color.  In the K-2 grade hallways you will find a lively display of self-portraits, heart weavings, color studies, owls, leaf texture designs, beautiful house and cat drawings and more.   Mrs. Lana Garberich’s 4th grade art students have been busy working on animal drawings and Richland County Seals.
Congratulations to Joie Simmering and Brady Hollinger!  Joie's artwork was chosen to be displayed in the 2018 Ohio Art Education’s Association’s Youth Art Month Exhibition. Brady Hollinger has had artwork chosen to be exhibited in the 2018 Ohio Art Education Association’s Young People’s Art Exhibition.
Mrs. Ditty's kindergarten class turned their room into an ecosystem thanks to a grant from Richland Foundation, the Katharine C. Bristor for activities for kinesthetetic learning. Each child researched an animal, wrote a report, and presented the information they learned to their parents on Thursday, March 22.  Parents and grandparents were invited to watch their student tell all about the animal they researched, what the habitat is, what their diet is, if they are a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore, and one interesting fact of their choice. The students performed three songs using sign language and had a great time sharing their knowledge with the people they love the most. 
First Grade
In Writing Workshop, Mrs. Sunnucks’s Class learned how to research and write non-fiction pieces. For our final published piece, we researched information on Emperor, Little Blue, Macaroni and Adelie penguins. Then, the students chose one of those penguins for their non-fiction book. With teacher support and guidance, the students learned how to revise, edit and publish a non-fiction book. The students learned how important it is to make their writing easy for others to read by using correct grammar, mechanics, and using neat handwriting. They also learned how to give their book a title, table of contents, glossary and an additional resource page. Finally, the students celebrated all their hard work with a publishing party. They were excited and proud to have published a book just like a real author!
Mrs. Barry’s first graders have been learning about procedural writing.  They have incorporated math and science activities into writing opportunities.  During a study on the states of matter, the class did an experiment using baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon.  They then wrote the detailed steps used, in order to replicate the experiment at home.  In math, during a study on three-dimensional figures, students made cubes using marshmallows and toothpicks and then wrote the list of steps involved in creating the cubes. Students have also written detailed steps for folding a paper airplane, eating an Oreo, and blowing a bubble.  They have had a lot of fun using interesting and relevant opportunities for procedural writing! 
Fourth Grade
Mr. Johnson's 4th grade class created books about the state of Ohio.  The book included several aspects about Ohio. Students chose something special about Ohio to research.
Fifth Grade
Students in Mrs. Wynn's class went through two escape rooms to review reading concepts including theme, main idea, point of view, and context clues.  Students worked in teams and used clues and correct answers to gain codes or keys which unlocked different locks in order to successfully 'escape'. 

Basketball Camp

Ontario Basketball Logo Warrior Basketball Camp begins 34th Year

The 2018 Warrior Basketball Camp will be held for the 34th year for students of the Ontario School District. The camp directors are Joe Balogh, varsity basketball coach of the Warriors, Nate Henderson, assistant coach, and Tim Henige, JV coach. This camp has been a key component in the success of our basketball program over the past 33 years. Players will be instructed in the drills and fundamentals that have made Ontario Basketball successful with a special emphasis devoted to shooting. Time will also be given to game competitions and contests.

Cost of the camp is $55. Each camper will receive an official Warrior Basketball Camp T-shirt and Warrior Camp Basketball along with the opportunity to receive prizes for individual and team contests. The attached brochure provides dates and times for each grade level. If there are any questions you may contact Coach Balogh at 419-512-0164 (cell phone), 419-529-3969 ext. 51213 (school) or e-mail to balogh.joe@ontarioschools.org.
Ontario Basketball Playing League 


Warrior Trained Wrestling Club


School Supply Lists

Below are the supply lists by grade level for the 2017-2018 school year...
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd-5th Grade 


!!!Stingel Elementary PTO Playground Fundraiser!!!

As the primary organization committed to serving in various capacities to better Stingel Elementary School, the Stingel Elementary PTO is currently seeking donations of both money and time from parents and the community in order to further develop the activities available to students and teachers outside of the classroom.

While the Stingel Elementary PTO has done several projects in the past couple of years, raising approximately $15,000 for two new swing sets, a climber, and tether ball poles, this year we are committed to raising a substantial amount of money to greatly improve the outdoor playground and surrounding area. Specifically, we are looking to provide the following:
1. Create an outdoor pavilion – this will allow our children a shaded space to congregate during recess as well as the ability to provide meetings outside as desired(approx. cost $10,000).
2. Add a new playscape to an existing vacant space on the playground – this will decrease/eliminate wait times on the existing playscape and provide our children with necessary physical activity(approx. cost $30,000).
3. Replace a set of swings on the playground – these sets of swings are dilapidated and need replaced (approx. cost $5,000).
4. Add rubber mulch to the existing pea gravel on the playground – this will provide added safety/comfort to our children on the playground(approx. cost $5,000).

These substantial improvements come at a fairly substantial cost; thus, we are looking to raise approximately $50,000 this year to provide the above to our children. Further, we will be soliciting volunteers to assist in building the outdoor pavilion.

We want the playground and surrounding area to be a safe and fun place for our children to play, and we would like your help in making that possible. Please consider making a donation online at https://www.youcaring.com/stingel-elementary-661507 or via the donation form below.

Further, if you would be willing to assist in volunteering your time or materials for the creation of the outdoor pavilion, or if you have any questions, please e-mail us at stingelelementarypto1@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your support!


The Stingel Elementary PTO Board of Directors


Box Tops for Education

Look for the "Box Tops for Education" official coupon on numerous products. Please cut on the dotted line and bag in groups of 50 to send it to school. Box Top money will be used to purchase supplies for our classrooms. 

PayForIt.net - Pay Online!

Ontario Local Schools is pleased to offer parents the ability to manage their child's meal account and pay school fees over the Internet by using PayForIt.net. The program is an online school management tool. Parents can access the program via the school's website or at www.payforit.net
To create an account you'll need...
* A valid e-mail address
* A credit card
* Your child's student ID# (six-digit lunch number)


Mike Ream - Principal
Kathleen Stone - Director of Education
Lisa Barker - Secretary
Marilyn Kempf - Secretary
Diana Wendling - Secretary/Aide 
Lola Cline - Secretary
Tod Petit - Guidance Counselor
FAX - 419-747-6859

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