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Many Ontario students are being raised by their grandparents, which comes with a unique set of challenges and concerns.  






Join us for food and conversation:  

Thursday January 25th

At Ontario United Methodist Church

3450 Park Ave. West, Ontario OH 44906


A hot meal & childcare will be provided at no cost.

A representative from Richland County Children Services

Kinship Navigating Program will be presenting.

This is an informal meeting to provide encouragement

and support as we discuss the unique challenges

grandparents face when raising grandchildren.  

Please RSVP:  419-747-7477 or nagel.amy@ontarioschools.org

This is a FREE event brought to you by the Ontario Community Partnership.
Stingel Elementary Raises Over $750.00 for Hurricane Victims
This year's hurricane season took its toll on many people living in coastal areas. Molly Lewis, a 5th grade student at Stingel Elementary School, wanted to see if she could make a difference. In October, Molly asked if Stingel could try to raise money to help hurricane victims. Once Molly got the approval from Mr. Ream, she and her friends quickly got to work by putting up posters and collecting ice-cream buckets to put donations in. The campaign went on for about 5 weeks with the winning classrooms getting an ice-cream party. When it was finished, Stingel was able to collect a grand total of $792.13. Mrs. Ditty's Kindergarten class and Mrs. Shaver's 4th grade class both received ice-cream parties as their classrooms were able to collect over $80.00 each. Mayor Randy Hutchinson was on hand to congratulate the students on their effort to get everything up and running. In the pictures, Molly, who is flanked by American Red Cross representatives, Lara Kiefer (Left) and Christina Ennis (Right), presents them with a check from the Stingel students and staff. Molly's helpers were Kaitlyn Johnson (Left) and Edyn Albrecht (Right).In the second picture, Mayor Hutchinson is standing next to Molly.
DARE Graduation
5th Grade DARE Graduation
Jan 23rd
2:30-3:30 in the Stingel Gym
First Grade
Mrs. Jacobs’ class began their unit on basic needs of living things this month.  We started out the unit by learning the difference between needs and wants.  Students had the opportunity to learn how a need is different from a want through a short video on BrainPopJr.  After some discussion, students were given magazines and ask to find pictures of things that they believed were a need and pictures of things they believed were a want.  Students did an amazing job of finding pictures and being able to explain why their choices were needs and wants.
Second Grade
Mrs. Carver’s class has recently completed a unit on how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas. Students learned about the many different customs, traditions, and beliefs of a variety of countries such as Mexico, China, Russia, Kenya, and many more. Students in her class were divided into groups and teamed up with other students from Mrs. Laymon’s second grade class. Each group of students were assigned a country in which they had to research. The students designed a poster including unique facts they learned about their country as well as created a life-size drawing of a person displaying their country’s traditional clothing.
As a way to end the unit, Mrs. Carver’s class held an International food fair. Each child was able to bring in a food that was popular from their assigned country. The class was able to taste 16 different foods from around the world. Students had a lot of fun completing research and learning about the differences and similarities between other countries traditions and their own!

Physical Education
First graders in Mrs. Jacobs’ class were introduced to scoops for the first time last week.  Students worked on developing their hand-eye coordination skills. They were challenged in a number of ways that put their scoop skills to the test. Students had the opportunity to create their own trick, as well as name it and show their class! 
Fifth graders in Mrs. Wynn’s class worked on completing Physical Education Standard 1 Benchmark B which is applying critical elements of fundamental manipulative skills in a variety of physical activities.  The main focus of our scoop unit is being able to throw and catch with an implement. Students worked on completing over 40 different challenges – all differentiating in skill. Classes competed against one another to be the top class of the week!

Junior Warriors Basketball

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The “Junior Warriors” boys’ basketball program will begin on Saturday, December 2nd. The 3rd and 4th grade sessions will be held at the Stingel Gym and the 5th and 6th grade sessions will be held at the “O-rena”. This program will provide players with instruction in the fundamentals that have helped to make Ontario Basketball successful over the past 32 years. Players will develop skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere along with being instructed in team play.

Attached is a registration form and schedule.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Joe Balogh (419-529-3969 Ext. 51213 or e-mail: balogh.joe@ontarioschools.org)


Warrior Trained Wrestling Club


School Supply Lists

Below are the supply lists by grade level for the 2017-2018 school year...
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd-5th Grade 


!!!Stingel Elementary PTO Playground Fundraiser!!!

As the primary organization committed to serving in various capacities to better Stingel Elementary School, the Stingel Elementary PTO is currently seeking donations of both money and time from parents and the community in order to further develop the activities available to students and teachers outside of the classroom.

While the Stingel Elementary PTO has done several projects in the past couple of years, raising approximately $15,000 for two new swing sets, a climber, and tether ball poles, this year we are committed to raising a substantial amount of money to greatly improve the outdoor playground and surrounding area. Specifically, we are looking to provide the following:
1. Create an outdoor pavilion – this will allow our children a shaded space to congregate during recess as well as the ability to provide meetings outside as desired(approx. cost $10,000).
2. Add a new playscape to an existing vacant space on the playground – this will decrease/eliminate wait times on the existing playscape and provide our children with necessary physical activity(approx. cost $30,000).
3. Replace a set of swings on the playground – these sets of swings are dilapidated and need replaced (approx. cost $5,000).
4. Add rubber mulch to the existing pea gravel on the playground – this will provide added safety/comfort to our children on the playground(approx. cost $5,000).

These substantial improvements come at a fairly substantial cost; thus, we are looking to raise approximately $50,000 this year to provide the above to our children. Further, we will be soliciting volunteers to assist in building the outdoor pavilion.

We want the playground and surrounding area to be a safe and fun place for our children to play, and we would like your help in making that possible. Please consider making a donation online at https://www.youcaring.com/stingel-elementary-661507 or via the donation form below.

Further, if you would be willing to assist in volunteering your time or materials for the creation of the outdoor pavilion, or if you have any questions, please e-mail us at stingelelementarypto1@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your support!


The Stingel Elementary PTO Board of Directors


Box Tops for Education

Look for the "Box Tops for Education" official coupon on numerous products. Please cut on the dotted line and bag in groups of 50 to send it to school. Box Top money will be used to purchase supplies for our classrooms. 

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Ontario Local Schools is pleased to offer parents the ability to manage their child's meal account and pay school fees over the Internet by using PayForIt.net. The program is an online school management tool. Parents can access the program via the school's website or at www.payforit.net
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Mike Ream - Principal
Kathleen Stone - Director of Education
Lisa Barker - Secretary
Marilyn Kempf - Secretary
Diana Wendling - Secretary/Aide 
Lola Cline - Secretary
Tod Petit - Guidance Counselor
FAX - 419-747-6859

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