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Congratulations to the Stingel Preschool, who recently received a 5-star rating from Ohio's Step Up to Quality!
Preschool is now enrolling for the 2019-20 school year.
Please call 419-529-4955 to register for a screening.


Fourth Grade
Mr. Johnson’s 4th grade class is working on their Ohio Companies and Products Project. Each student chose one Ohio Based company to write to. Students were encouraged to ask questions that could not be answered by the company website.  Many companies have sent samples along with literature for students to learn more about their company.  Once students receive their information they will be making posters and giving a presentation on the company they chose to learn more about.  Students will then be asked to create a new product, or make a current product better.
Fifth Grade
Students in Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Cooper’s Fifth Grade Reading Class have been studying about Text Structures.  They applied their reading skills by working in groups to read short passages and identify the correct text structure.  Lots of good discussions and team work took place during this learning activity!
Students in Mrs. Wynn's fifth grade class learned about how mass and force impact the distance a car travels.  The students tested different weighted cars down ramps to see how mass impacted the distance the car went.  In later labs, students changed the gradient and the surface of the ramp to test the effects of friction and gravity on the distance the car travels.
Students in Mrs. Wynn's science class designed projects to demonstrate forces and motion.  They presented their projects to the class and shared how motion, force, and mass were used and changed in their project.  They also shared the results after testing their design and what they learned about forces and motion.  Pictured are some of the experiments students created, which include a marble maze, Newton's cradle, catapult, pulley system, and many other cool designs!


Career STEM Ambassadors Needed

We are looking for career STEM ambassadors!  What is a career STEM ambassador?  A career STEM ambassador is someone who is passionate about what they do in science, technology, engineering or math and wants to make an impact in student’s lives.  There are so many jobs and opportunities that our students don’t realize and are not exposed to - a better understanding of the specialized training and skills needed for these careers is critical.   Sharing your personal story and life-pathway toward a career is priceless.  If you or someone you know is interested in giving a school presentation, providing job shadowing, or offering a field trip opportunity, please fill out the form at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/dnbH3PVOdrml5QSm2 . Your influence in our student’s lives here at Ontario will be a lasting legacy and give them the real-world experiences they can’t get in a classroom. Thank you!

Box Tops for Education

Look for the "Box Tops for Education" official coupon on numerous products. Please cut on the dotted line and bag in groups of 50 to send it to school. Box Top money will be used to purchase supplies for our classrooms. 

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Kimberly Johnson - Principal
Mike Ream - Director of Education
Lisa Barker - Secretary
Marilyn Kempf - Secretary
Diana Wendling - Secretary/Aide 
Lola Cline - Secretary
Tod Petit - School Counselor
FAX - 419-747-6859


First Bell       8:40 am
Tardy Bell     8:50 am
Lunch           11:55 am - 12:15 pm
Pick up Bell  3:40 pm
Bus Bell        3:50 pm

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