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Students in Mrs. Nugent’s Kindergarten class spent a week doing a literature study on the folk tale, Stone Soup. This followed social studies inquiries into character traits, and allowed students to discuss friendship, helpfulness, cooperation and responsibility by making connections with the text and the non-fiction books they had read. Students compared three versions of the folktale,
looking at characters, setting, and different plot points in the book. On Friday, they acted out their favorite version and pretended to be villagers hiding food from the strangers, the tricky strangers getting villagers to give food, and the villagers adding to the pot to make a community Stone Soup. Friday afternoon, students tasted the soup and shared with their 5th grade buddies.
First Grade
Mrs. Geer’s first grade class has been busy doing math centers. During our math time, we work at different centers to practice our math skills. This month, we are learning tens and ones. We are doing centers to practice counting by 1’s and 10’s to 120. We also continue to practice double digits and adding and subtracting. The class is also able to practice adding three numbers with a dice toss game.
Other centers during math time also include meeting with the teacher in a small group setting. The students are also able to do DreamBox learning on the i-pad. This is a math program that works at each student’s individual level to better help them understand math skills and concepts. 

Second Grade
Students in Mrs. Carver’s class have spent time learning about the life of the Pilgrims and Wampanoags. Students learned about their daily life in Plymouth as well as the sixty-five day journey on the Mayflower. At the end of the unit, students completed a STEM project challenge. Students were given a variety of materials to build a boat to represent the Mayflower. Students were split into groups to plan, create, test, and improve their design of the boat so that it floated and held at least ten pennies. The Mayflower challenge was not only fun for kids, but allowed for students to use problem solving skills while working together as a team.  

Fourth Grade
Students in Mr. Buttil's science class welcomed local beekeeper Jennifer Hurst. Ms. Hurst spoke about the equipment she uses, bee behavior, and the species of honeybees that can be found locally in Ohio. Students have been studying the relationship between bees and the environment using the graphic novel Clan Apis by Dr. Jay Hosler. Thank you Ms. Hurst for spending time with us and teaching us more about honeybees!

Box Tops for Education

Look for the "Box Tops for Education" official coupon on numerous products. Please cut on the dotted line and bag in groups of 50 to send it to school. Box Top money will be used to purchase supplies for our classrooms. 

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