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Freshmen Orientation 
Ontario High School freshmen orientation will be held virtually for the 2021-2022 school year. Please click below to visit our orientation page! 

Are You Considering College?
Where do I pick up a college application?  There are many ways to retain a college application. You can  either ask your guidance counselor for one, look up "common  application" at collegeboard.com, or even ask the college of your  choice to send you one.   What information will the application form require?  The application will obviously ask you your name, address, and  the basics. You'll be required to list any sports, activities, or  hobbies that you have participated in or enjoyed.  All of your  semester grades from high school will be sent out by your  guidance counselor.  Most colleges require you to take a  standardized test (ACT or SAT).  Those scores will be posted on  the application. College essays are the biggy.  This is where you  get to show the college how you feel about something.  You will be  asked to respond on a topic they give you.  Some good advice:   Don't wait until the last minute to complete the essays.

What is Early admission/decision?
Early admission is sending in your application before regular admission candidates do.  This  allows you to know sooner whether you are accepted or not, which is convenient for those  who want to make a decision earlier in the year.  Early decision means if you apply to a  college and get accepted, you must drop the other colleges you applied to and go to that  school.  

Are scholarships available?
 Scholarships of all sorts are available.  In order to find out what is out there waiting for you, there are many things you  can do.  You can ask your guidance counselor, church advisors, or even the manager of your job for a scholarship being  offered.  Sometimes colleges will send you scholarship applications, if you fit the criteria.  You can fill out the applications,  send them back, and the college will get back to you.  If all else fails, check the internet.  There are many scholarships  out there.  You just have to be willing to look and ask.
Should I visit the college's I am interested in?
Yes.  Visiting college's are the only way to really get a feel of what is being offered.  You will not be counted absent if you  bring back a signed note stating that you were there.  This opportunity is fabulous.  If you get a chance, sign up for a tour.   You will get to see the campus, eat lunch, and ask any personal questions you have.  Some places offer a program  where you can stay the night and attend classes with a student.      

If you have any questions at all, if you are confused about anything, talk to a guidance counselor.  They are working to  help guide you in the right direction.  Searching for Colleges?  If you are having difficulty finding a college to attend, try this search site...  Schools in the USA 
Available Scholarships

Click on the link above to access the live google document of scholarships available.  The sheet titled (located at the bottom of the document) "Current Scholarships Available" will list scholarships that the guidance office has received confirmation of application deadlines.  The sheet titled "REF" lists all scholarships we have received notification of in the past to help students to look at resources that may be available in the future.  Please contact the guidance office with any questions.

For information on higher education online programs offered by accredited colleges in the U.S., go to AccreditedOnlineColleges.org

Ontario Local Scholarship Application

Attached you will find a form for the Ontario Local Scholarships. This scholarship application is looked at by a number of local groups that provide the opportunity for scholarships. Please take some time to fill out the application. Good luck :)


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