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Students in English 9 are studying Romeo and Juliet with important scenes reinforced through acting them out. 

Chemistry 1 students are heating a hydrated magnesium sulfate compound to drive the water molecules attached to the magnesium sulfate crystals out of the compound, forming anhydrous magnesium sulfate. The mass difference between the hydrated compound and the anhydrous compound is equal to the mass of water driven off. The students will determine the mole ratio of the water to the anhydrous magnesium sulfate and write the formula of the hydrate. 
Volunteering at the Art Center
Seven high school art students volunteered at The Mansfield Art Centers' 45th Annual Holiday Fair preview party on Friday, Nov 21st. Students assisted with a variety of jobs including greeting guests, coat check and gift wrapping. The Art Fair features handmade gifts for the holidays and is free and open to the public. For details visit the art centers website @ Themansfieldartcenter.org.  Students in attendance were Genevieve Riedel, Caitlin Rayburn, Ethan Marks, Zach Cline, Willa Marks, Emily Thomas and Shelby Flaherty.                                                                                                             
Name in Lights
Put “YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS” this season at all Ontario home basketball games. The Ontario Basketball Program is having its annual fund-raiser for the next two weeks. “YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS” fundraiser is an important part of the Ontario Basketball Program at all levels --- 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. Because of this annual fundraiser we have been able to provide our basketball program with items such as:
  • Quality Nike and Under Armour Uniforms at all levels
  • Reversible practice gear at all levels
  • 2 “Gun” Shooting machines that we use both in-season and off-season
  • Payment of entry fees into summer tournaments
  • The purchase of needed equipment for our basketball program
Attached is an information letter explaining the various levels of commitment along with the donation form that you would need to complete. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Joe Balogh at balogh.joe@ontarioschools.org. View Donation Form                           Business/Sponsor Letter

Students in Mr. Weirich’s robotics class have recently been developing a robot capable of lifting ten pounds of weight using only a pulley system. The students used their knowledge about pulleys to devise a system to reduce the amount of work needed to lift the weight twelve inches off the ground. After developing a robot and pulley system, the students attempted to lift the weight but to little avail. After coming up with multiple modifications including adding an extra pulley and adding additional weight to the robot, the students were finally able to achieve their goal of lifting ten pounds twelve inches off the ground. Students involved in the project include Nic Arnett, Luke Gorbett, Daniel Hufford, and Austin McCauley.
Mr. Weirich’s 2nd period architecture class finalized their 3 week long plot plan project with a middle school voting poll.  Eight plot plans were created and placed upon the middle school stage and voted upon during their lunch period.  The top 3 plot plan finalists were;  1st Place Luke Gorbett, 2nd Place Mitchell Zahn, and 3rd Place group of Sam Zimmerman, Brandon Sigars, Brayden Winemiller, and Parker Keunzli.
Post Secondary Option
Students and Parents: A meeting to discuss the post secondary enrollment option (College Plus Credit) will be held Thursday, February 12, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library. Representatives from O.S.U. and N.C.S.C. will be here to discuss the program. All interested parents and students who will be in grades 9 through 12 in the 2015-2016 school year are invited to attend. 
eSchoolView Offers Scholarships
eSchoolView is proud to announce their scholarship program, which is open to any senior. If you are interested, check their website for more information.
Giva Corporate Student Scholarship Opportunity
Giva's Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador Award is for anyone attending a college or university worldwide. This scholarship grant is aimed at assisting undergraduate or graduate students further their education as well as expand their social responsibility and community service footprint in the world. There is no specific course of study or major required.

For more information view their website:  http://www.givainc.com/scholarships/
OHS Administrative Staff
Principal - Chris Smith Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Chris Miller
Secretary - Jill Kaber

Athletic/Attendance Secretary - Deb Eddleblute
Guidance Counselors - Veronica Cain and Donnie Strine
Secretary - Judy Schnug

Attendance Line - 419-755-2000
School Resource Officer - Adam Gongwer
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator - Amy Nagel
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Yearbook Orders

Click on the logo above and enter 12627 as an order number.  
Prices increase after December 31st.
Senior photos are due BEFORE Christmas break.  Photos may be dropped-off in the HS Office or emailed to buker.jim@ontarioschools.org.
Warrior Spirit Wear

Ontario Basketball gear is now available for you to order on-line. Attached is the brochure with ordering information. You can order on line by going to www.bsnsports.comClick on the My Team Shop logo. Then click Login Now and Enter the Access Code (warrio3RY). Orders will be taken until Sunday, November 30th. All orders will be delivered before Christmas.

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