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Students in Mr. Coley's government class are using computers to work on electoral college case studies.  They are analyzing Republican and Democrat strategy for winning the presidential election based on voting trends and demographic information.


Students work together to put the steps of cellular respiration in the correct order. Students learn why we need oxygen! 

Miss Willeke's sophomores are giving presentations on Roman gods and goddesses. In this picture, Neptune, god of the sea, is telling us the story about how he once flooded the earth.   
Key Club Makes a Difference
This past Saturday the Ontario Key Club along with other local key club organizations attended the Make a Difference Day at the Richland County Library.  Ontario had one of the largest representation in the area with 16 students attending.  WMFD did a segment of this worthwhile event which you can view. 
CC Awards Program
Cross Country team members are reminded to attend the end-of-the-season awards program, November 12 in the MS Commons.  Festivities will begin at promptly at 6:00 p.m.  Families are asked to bring a dessert to share.

Athletes are asked to return all uniforms and bags ASAP.  Middle school members can drop off their uniforms in the office, and high school members should return to Coach Homan.  If you will not be attending, please inform your coach.

Students are playing "Photo-opoly", a test review game where students test their knowledge about photosynthesis! 
Heading to Hebron
Senior Brett Cortelletti finished 8th at the Division II Regional Cross Country meet, Saturday, October 25th earning a ticket to the State Cross Country Tournament, next Saturday. It wasn’t a PR time, but it didn’t matter; all he needed was to finish in the top 16 to make it to Hebron’s National Trail Raceway, home of the state championships. Taking first place in both the boys and girls was Lexington, which is great for Brett since he has many friends on the Lexington squad and will feel right at home running with the Minutemen.   

There were many rooting for Brett: family, teammates, coaches, and more importantly, other competitors. Brett has made a name for himself; he is definitely a worthy competitor, but many appreciate his good sportsmanship. It’s not uncommon to see many an opponent come up and shake Brett’s hand or pat his back and wish him well before and after contests. Ontario should be proud to have Brett represent our school and community at the big dance for cross country. Good luck Brett…we’re all cheering for you.

Student demonstrates one of three different throws in ultimate Frisbee during his demonstration speech. Students are required to complete an outline, have a handout and have clear directions when presenting their 10-20 minute demonstration speech. Students have demonstrated many unique skills and lessons from swimming strokes, vocal and instrumental music abilities and even how to interview successfully for a job. The demonstration speeches not only offer students the opportunity to practice teaching a skill but also allows for student interaction while learning a new skill.

Inspired by Kafka's Metamorphosis, senior English students applied the concept of physiognomy to Hamlet. Each group chose a different scene and inner quality of the main character to make outwardly obvious.

Students from Mr. Slaughter's Psychology class recently completed daycare centers using apps on their iPads and in Mr. Weirich's Rhino class.  Students watched as their classmates used the 3D television to present their centers and information.  The students also created daily activities for the children that they felt were necessary for development. 

Students at Ontario were taught through a very extensive demonstration speech how to call a sasquatch; students even experienced a brief sighting.
E-mission Away!!!
Students in the physical science classroom are studying the atomic emission spectrum for various elements. Students are using diffraction gratings to analyze the spectral lines emitted.  

The OHS Writing Center is available every period for students wanting help. Appointments are made by seeing Mrs. Wentz or scheduling online at the Ontario High School Library. The sign was made by Mr. Buker on the laser cutter engraver. 
NHS Induction
On October 14, senior NHS members tapped 31 new inductees. New enrollees were presented with a personalized key chain made on the laser cutter and engraver. Students then went to a luncheon hosted by the RoadHouse. 
Post Secondary Option
Students and Parents: A meeting to discuss the post secondary enrollment option (College Plus Credit) will be held Thursday, February 12, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library. Representatives from O.S.U. and N.C.S.C. will be here to discuss the program. All interested parents and students who will be in grades 9 through 12 in the 2015-2016 school year are invited to attend. 
eSchoolView Offers Scholarships
eSchoolView is proud to announce their scholarship program, which is open to any senior. If you are interested, check their website for more information.
Giva Corporate Student Scholarship Opportunity
Giva's Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador Award is for anyone attending a college or university worldwide. This scholarship grant is aimed at assisting undergraduate or graduate students further their education as well as expand their social responsibility and community service footprint in the world. There is no specific course of study or major required.

For more information view their website:  http://www.givainc.com/scholarships/
OHS Administrative Staff
Principal - Chris Smith Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Chris Miller
Secretary - Jill Kaber

Athletic/Attendance Secretary - Deb Eddleblute
Guidance Counselors - Veronica Cain and Donnie Strine
Secretary - Judy Schnug

Attendance Line - 419-755-2000
School Resource Officer - Adam Gongwer
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator - Amy Nagel
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