NOL Meet Champions!
Warriors Float Atop the NOL
Congratulations to the boys swim team as they captured the NOL Swim Championships and did so by posting record times along the way.  For a complete story of the meet, check RichlandSource.
Freshmen Drop Norwalk, 53-46


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High School News

Students in Mrs. Sweet's biology class are studying how DNA is used to help solve crimes by becoming detectives in an investigation.  Officer Gongwer describes how crimes are investigated.


Students in Mrs. Sweet's environmental science class design water filters to clean polluted water. 

Physics students use lab data to determine the final velocity (magnitude and direction) of a marble launched horizontally from the lab top; a PVC tube is set at the predicted angle of landing and the challenge is to get the marble to land in the tube on the first trial. Students must show their calculations before being allowed to set the tube. 

Chemistry 1 students are observing chemical reactions that occur in aqueous (water-based) solutions and noting the formation of precipitates or formation of gases and associated color changes. They will develop a systematic way of classifying these types of reactions including a set of solubility rules for cations and anions. 
OHS students recently participated in the Brain Bee in Rootstown, Ohio. The Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) Brain Bee is a live Q&A competition that tests the neuroscience knowledge of high school students.  For more information about this event, check their website at 
Post Secondary Enrollment Option
Students and Parents: A meeting to discuss the post secondary enrollment option/dual credit (College Credit Plus) will be held Thursday, February 12, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library. Representatives from O.S.U., N.C.S.C., and the University of Findlay will be here to discuss the program. All interested parents and students who will be in grades 7 through 12 in the 2015-2016 school year are invited to attend.  
eSchoolView Offers Scholarships
eSchoolView is proud to announce their scholarship program, which is open to any senior. If you are interested, check their website for more information.
OHS Administrative Staff
Principal - Chris Smith Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Chris Miller
Secretary - Jill Kaber

Athletic/Attendance Secretary - Deb Eddleblute
Guidance Counselors - Veronica Cain and Donnie Strine
Secretary - Judy Schnug

Attendance Line - 419-755-2000
School Resource Officer - Adam Gongwer
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator - Amy Nagel
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