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Probability and Statistics Students are working together to gain better understanding of the practical nature of the statistical graphs that they are studying.  We have been working with Frequency distributions, O-gives (pronounced O-jives), Frequency polygons, histograms, bar graphs, time-series graphs, Pareto, and pie graphs.  Students have taken surveys, analyzed results and researched background on their study.  For the first few weeks of class, students learned sampling techniques and data types.  Classes spent a period in the library researching prior studies to see if their ideas have used by other practitioners. 

Mrs. Kroll's Government students completed a "C-Span Constitution Clip Quest" to celebrate Constitution Day!  

Students are building a glucose molecule with candy in biology class! Students are studying organic molecules, like carbohydrates,that are essential for life. 
Peer-tutoring Available
OHS Peer Tutoring sessions have started every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:20 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. in the high school library. Tutoring is available to anyone needing extra assistance in their class work and/or organizational skills.  
Guidance Dept. Updates
Be sure to check the OHS Guidance webpages for current news and updates.  The Guidance Newsletter has been updated and calendars for September and October are now posted. 

Students in Mr. Nikiforow's biology class test the effectiveness of goat liver enzymes in breaking down hydrogen peroxide.  Enzymes are vitally important for life processes yet difficult to understand due to their microscopic structure.  This lab will help visualize the role of enzymes in the body. 
eSchoolView Offers Scholarships
eSchoolView is proud to announce their scholarship program, which is open to any senior. If you are interested, check their website for more information.
OHS Administrative Staff
Principal - Chris Smith Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Chris Miller
Secretary - Jill Kaber

Athletic/Attendance Secretary - Deb Eddleblute
Guidance Counselors - Veronica Cain and Donnie Strine
Secretary - Judy Schnug

Attendance Line - 419-755-2000
School Resource Officer - Adam Gongwer
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator - Amy Nagel
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